Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shower gel

With men in the house, their smells are in the house.
I'm not talking about feet. but about shower gel.

That stuff in blue or black bottles smells awful!
Especially when they use deodorant too.

A while ago I took the emtpy bottle, cleaned it and had a go at a home recipe for shower gel.

Take the cheapest shampoo you can get that smells ok or is just a bit not nice.
Add just a bit of water and about 1,5 tablespoon of salt.
Mix very well.
Add a few drops of sesame oil.


Smell ok? In the men's bottle.
Smell not OK? Add a bit of your favorite essential oil.

Put it at the right place.

And just react like you always do...each day a little less, unless they think you've given up.


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