Thursday, September 30, 2010


With the bad weather we're having this summer I decided to go for a luxury: 2 sets of rainwear.
I think everyone should have two sets.

One to dry and one to get wet.

Instead of coat and trousers I prefer a poncho.
Less hassle to get dressed and ready to go, and less cold when it rains a lot.

What do you prefer?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

against stuffed nose

Maybe I've written about this before, but it's one of the best remedies and it fits autumn.
Use sliced unions as a cure for a stuffed nose.

Sprays will influence the skin and glands in your nose. The glands will swell even more when a spray is used for more than about a week to ten days.
But a sliced union won't.

You can use a spray to start treatment. But when the nose is open you can keep it open with an union.

Good luck!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Your boots

Are your boots ready for the season?

Check the soles and the inside.

Buy some extra supporting soles when you like them, or anti-sweat or extra warm, or all of them.

Put them in the boots.

In case you use several, wear them a few days before gluing them together. That way they'll provide a better fit.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Time to (re) insulate the windows

It's time to insulate your house.

Let's first have a look at the windows.

Old insulation causes dust, junk, and drafts.

So remove it well.
Brush the dust away.
Remove the greasy remnants.

And then apply new insulation.

Put it well in the edges.
Check if the window can still be opened.

When it's stormy, check every bit.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


This is the time of year that a bodywarmer comes in handy.
In the morning it's rather cold and in the afternoon the weather is not nice enough to be without coat, but nice enough to do with less.

So take a bodywarmer and put it over your coat in the morning and use it without a coat in the afternoon.

Best solution for this time of year.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Scan after each update

I want to share a habit which can't harm you but can save you lots of money and irritations.

Scan the computer after each update.

Some time ago I updated a very trusted program, but my cmputer started to act weird.
I disconnected from internet immediately and scanned my computer.

My children told me I was nuts, as I scanned the computer right before the update.

I was right to do so, though.

Turned out someone mimicked the update graphic of the trusted program so well, that I took it for real and downloaded a nasty computer animal.

My scanners caught it and destroyed it. Pffff.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Today someone died as the result of an infection with a bacteria which is found in chickens. The bacteria are resistant against the best antibiotics.

Because many people have attracted the bacteria and thus the resistance against antibiotics more deaths are expected.

So be very very careful when preparing chicken. Work as hygienic as possible. And cook or bake it well.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's the time of the year for the northern hemisphere to make your boots and shoes waterproof.

They need to be clean and dry before you spray them.
Keep a distance of about 30 cm and be careful not to spray near a fire.
It's best to do it outside and with the wind blowing in your back, not towards you.

Leave the treated items to dry well before using them.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ask people before a meal

Ask people before they visit you for a meal if they're allergic to something.

More and more people are, so it's not strange to check.

Common allergies are apple, nuts, have to go strong lightning!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Don't throw away used teabags.

They're perfect to put on your eyes when you relax. It will help your eyes to relax too.

Old teabags are also great fun for children.
They can use them to make paper look old.

My aunt used old teabags to colour cotton. She didn't like pure white, so she soaked her sheets in water with teabags.

Monday, September 20, 2010

No ironing

I don't like ironing, do you?

This time of year is perfect to unwrinkle your laundry without ironing.

Just hang it on the line in the evening and during the night.
The humidity and a bit of wind will take care of the clothes and in the morning they will be less wrinkled.

Take care: they are a bit humid and need additional drying.
When you hang them inside they'll be dry in the evening or earlier.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Towels as laundry

In a small household towels are just a part of the laundry.
Because they're not really dirty you can save costs by putting them in a bucket with hot water and detergent.
Let them soak for a few hours, then quickly handwash them and use the laundry machine for a few quick rinses.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clean a bottle

Are you one of those people who use waterbottles over and over again until they break or get too dirty to use anymore?

How do you clean your bottles?
With water and soap every evening?

Or do you want your bottles hygienic clean?

In that case fill them in the evening with vinegar and water and in the morning throw that out and rinse the bottle well with plain water.

You can clean the caps by putting them in s small bowl with vinegar and water.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Photos of your street

Not many people make photos of their streets, but when they're older they regret the haven't taken them.

Creating memories is sometimes so very easy, but people don't take the opportunity to create them in a visible way, because they think their brains caught the moments and they won't be gone.

But something might happen to you.

Photos are a great way to get your memory back, or to keep your memory alive.
People who suffer from dementia or other problems of age can feel very happy with those memories.

So please yourself and make photos of your street and neighbourhood.
Sometimes there are such huge changes that you'll be very happy with the photos.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Heating against humidity

It's the time of humidity again.
Like every autumn the nigh temperatures are going down while the humidity goes up.
Especially in the house that can cause problems. First in the bathroom when there's no active ventilation device, but only passive airchange, then in the rest of the house.

Putting the heating on in the evenings isn't only comfortable, but it's also wise to prevent damp places in the house and the consequent fungus.

So switch on the heating for a while during the evening and turn it down to an acceptable night temperature an hour before going to sleep.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time to spray your shoes

It's time to spray your shoes with an anti-rain spray.

First clean your shoes properly and take care of them in such a way that they ate ready for a complete new season.

So see if there's any stitching gone, of something else needs to be repaired or replaced.

Then ner sure the shoes are dry.

Spray them from about 30 cm in a short way and let dry.
Try to spray in one spray the whole shoe.
Leave it to dry and have a new spray after about an hour, or as the package states.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just a little bit of butter

When you don't want to use too much butter, but you want to have your pan properly oiled, why not do it the way I do?

Heat the pan and in the meantime take your butter from the fridge.

When the pan is heated, take one side of the piece of butter and rub it through the pan. Leane no spot untouched.

That's all.

You can also take a kitchen paper, roll it into a painting pencil, dip it in oil, "paint" the pan with oil.

Monday, September 13, 2010

laundry and spiders

I hate spiders and so do my children.
So I have to change the way I deal with the laundry.

The past years I've had the habit to hang the laundry outside and get it in late at night when it's dry and the humidity can't undo the drying.

But now it's almost autumn I can't do that anymore, because I can't see if there are spiders on it.

So I either have to hang it all inside, or get it in before it gets dark.

Yes, yes, I hear you thinking I should by a lamp. LOl!

We did, but it illuminated just one side of the laundry and with a family of 6 I can't take the time to turn every item inside out.

Any advice?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

exchanging summer- for autumnclothes

There's no way of escaping: autum is approaching.

So it's time to clean out your closets and put the autumnclothes in there.

Many people take at one day all the clothes out and have a mess in their home for a few days to get it all sorted.

Why not take it easy?

Take the clothes that are washed and dried apart.
Will they be used next year? On one pile.
Are they OK to be given away? On another pile.

When you take out the summerclothes after laundry before the summerseason has ended you'll wear those clothes that you've missed this summer too.

Always keep some nice tops for christmas and other occassions!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Polish with toothpaste

My mother used to have a cupboard full with all sorts of polish.
Polish for silver, polish for copper, etc etc etc.

They smelled awful and whenever I had the chance I tried to stay away from the firm rubbing of the objects of her attention. That was almost impossible, as she had so much things to polish that it took hours.

My gram had nothing to polish.
She told me toothpaste was more than enough to do all the jobs.
You shouldn't use the toothpaste that promisses white teeth, but the regular toothpaste.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Save money on plants

When you want to save money on plants for your livingroom go and buy them now.

Many plants have been flowering and not the flowers are gone they want to get rid of the plants. So they sell them for very low prizes.

All you have to do is take care of them well during the next seasons and you'll see them flowering again in spring.

ofcourse you can buy your plants then. But you'll pay double of triple the amount you'll pay tomorrow.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pink eye

Pink eye is an inflammation of the eye due to either a virus or bacteria or allergy.

Often warm compresses ease the itching and pain. You can apply them a couple of times a day.

When the pink eye is due to an allergy, warm teabags might be of help.
A nasty infection is better counteracted by either boric acid, calendula or chamomile.
Take a ball of cotton wool, drange it with the liquid and clean the eye before using a compress.

Some people like the use of honey or salt water better, but be carefull...they burn.

Be careful. Pink eye is highly contageous.
One of the causes cvan be herpes simplex or herpes zoster, so stay away from small children. Babies can die from it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September and grass

When you have grass in your garden you can mow it until the end of september.
After september the growth stops.

When you have bare spots you can sow new seed this month.
When the weather is dry you have to add extra water to enable proper growth.

When your grass doesn't look well you have to do more than sow some seeds.
Go to your local gardencentre and ask for advice.
I think they'll advice a whole package. Don't thin it's too expensive, because in spring your grass will look healthy again. And that's what you want.

When autumn reigns, take the fallen leaves from the grass and use them elsewhere in the garden. For instance in the border between the plants. There it'll protect the roots of your plants, whereas on the grass they'll cause nasty stains and bare spots.

Hiding some bulbs in the grass might surprise everyone with some nice springflowers in the garden.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ready for free products?

Are you ready for free products?

Right now, yep, at this moment, magazines are trying to get new subscribers.
The hope to attract them now the vacation is over by a wide range of games, mailcontests and free products.

Especially women's magazines have a lot to offer and it would be a pity when you miss books, theatre tickets, wellness weekends and the like just because you're not participating.

Fun things is that most online activities don't require you to be a true subscriber of the magazines, so you can't lose at all.

When you like jigsaw- and other puzzles you have even more chance of winning something special.
A great way to make a nice gesture to yourself and save money at the same time.

Good luck!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Cats in your garden?

We used to have many cats in this neighbourhood.
They all had bosses but considered themselves to be their own boss.
During the day they couldn't enter their won homes and they used to tiptoe around and enter gardens and even houses.

There are plenty of good tips how to keep the cats out of your garden, and an electric fence is one of them.
Not very friendly though.

Go to the woods and collect pine cones.
When you place them around your plants the cats won't use them as their personal loo.

When you place them at the spots where the cat enters your garden he might not even enter your space anymore.

Have a try!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wash silk clothes

Silk is a natural product, so it should be treated with care.

Use only a light soap of special detergent for silk to wash silk clothes.
Wash them by hand, not in the washing machine.

Don't leave the clothes in the water, but finsih washing immediately by rinsing in clear water several times.

Then press the water out between towels and iron the silk between the towel, if ironing is necessary.

Most often drying silk on the line in the wind, not in the sun, will be equally well and results in a longer life.

Good luck!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Interesting pineapple

Do you know the peel of the pineapple contains ingredients that can cause inflammation in the mouth.

So you shouldn't use the same knife to slice the pineapple after you've peeled it.

Be careful with fresh pineapple.
Some people are hypersensitive or allergic for pineapple and this results in aching gums as one of the first symptoms.
The allergy will develop further and may cause a dangerous situation.

When you cook pineapple the enzymes that cause an allergic reaction are destroyed. That's why allergic people often (but not always) are able to eat preheated pineapple.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Eevn ruines that have been researched wellreveil new treasures.

In Petra, the wonderful old city in Jordania, a wallpainting has been revealed which is thousands of years old.
It's detailed, delicate and gorgeous.

I hope you can see the video.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Against the smell of garlic

Eating garlic means smelly breath and sweath.
The sulphur in garlic can't be deleted by the metabolic processes in the body, so it leaves through the skin and breath.

Drinking milk prevents the smelly breath, because the mild eliminates the sulphur.

Working best is full milk. The low fat and other low something ones work far less.

It's worth a try, because garlic is very healthy.

Let me know if it worked for you.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fallen leaves

Many people sweep away fallen leaves or remove them from the garden completely.
They forget that leaves have a function in nature too, just like everything else.

Leaves are the perfect place for small animals to hide.

They also provide a good layer above the roots of the plants to protect them against low night temperatures. And...they're a fertiliser.

When you don't like the colour, don't like what I wrote above, consider putting them on a compost heap.

You shouldn't put too many leaves on top of each other, but you can mix tehm with sand and other items.
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