Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September and grass

When you have grass in your garden you can mow it until the end of september.
After september the growth stops.

When you have bare spots you can sow new seed this month.
When the weather is dry you have to add extra water to enable proper growth.

When your grass doesn't look well you have to do more than sow some seeds.
Go to your local gardencentre and ask for advice.
I think they'll advice a whole package. Don't thin it's too expensive, because in spring your grass will look healthy again. And that's what you want.

When autumn reigns, take the fallen leaves from the grass and use them elsewhere in the garden. For instance in the border between the plants. There it'll protect the roots of your plants, whereas on the grass they'll cause nasty stains and bare spots.

Hiding some bulbs in the grass might surprise everyone with some nice springflowers in the garden.



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