Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cats in the garden

Cats are not always wanted visitors in a garden.

Do they use your garden as a toiletarea?

Throw food where they come and they won't do that anymore.

When you want them out completely, burry mothballs in the garden at places where cat's can't dig them out.
They won't affect the plants and keep the cats out.


Janiss said...

Ahem, mothballs are EXTREMELY toxic to cats. Unless you want a neighbor suing you for vet bills when their cat comes home deathly ill and has to be taken to the emergency clinic, I would not do that! Better idea: get one of those "spray away" contraptions that senses when an unwanted visitor is in your yard and sprays them with water.

winter gurl said...

I don't like cat in home. they make the home dirty with their shit ........

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