Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dry your shoes

We're dealing with snow and salt here and it's not good for shoes.
You can prepare them by spraying them waterproof, but it's not enough against the nasty salt.

When you come home, clean your shoes or boots with a damp cloth to prevent white circles of salt.

Don't put the shoes on the heating, as the leather dries to fast and gets too firm to be comfortable.
The glue used may start to leak or dissolve.

Place your shoes at a drafty place and when they're damp inside either have them dry by air or put a paper in them. Remove regularly for new. You can use toiletpaper, but it's rather expensive to do so.

When the shoes is dried you can old them to make the leather softer.


mold inspections Manhattan said...

There is a lot of dirt in the shoe which you can not see and which enters the house when you come from the outside.There is a need to clean the shoes always so that the dirt does not enter the carpets and stay there to create mold.

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