Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Curtains in spring

Last week I got a visitor who told me she dusted the top of the curtains as some form of springcleaning.
I was not impressed. Not at all.

Dusting the top of the curtains will rub in the dirt and they won't get any cleaner or less smelly (in case you smoke).

When you don't want to wash the curtains, consider dry cleaning or otherwise take them off very carefully and hang them outside when it's very windy.

I always wash the curtains even when it means new ones are needed after a few years.
It's a nice excuse to change the room. :)

But I want to get rid of all the dust and small creatures that might have made a home in a corner.
There's a lot of life I can't see, but it's my home and I want to stay it that way.


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