Saturday, April 30, 2011

Red, white and blue.

It's Queensday in The Netherlands. A special day for all the Dutch and certainly a day to use the national flag.

Already in 1572 the Dutch had their own flag, which consisted of three horizontal colours: orange, white and blue.
Soon after it came to use the orange colour was exchanged for red.
It's not known why. Maybe the orange colours bleached too quick in the sun, maybe the sailors wanted red as it can be seen better.

Some americans mean they have to claim the colours, but they forget that the american flag was not even in use in 1572 and it would take another 200 years before some consensus would be reached about a flag there.

Because in the past century the colours red, white and blue got associated too much with america and the american politics and wars, the dutch started to use the colour of orange far more than before.
When I was young the colours of Queensday were red , white and blue, and the orange was only used as an accent. Now the flag is still decorated with an orange fane on special occasions to honour the royal house, which is called the house of orange, but the main colour of queensday has become orange.


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