Friday, November 20, 2009

alarms and appointments

Many autistic young people experience difficulties with keeping track of time.

Living independently means you have to find a way to wake up in time and to keep your appointments.

Those who can't use a waking service need a good alarm.

But what to do with being in time for an appointment?
Some are so focussed when they're busy with something that they forget the time, and setting the alarm each day for a few times isn't very convenient.

Ofcourse you can use a second alarm for that.
Or you can ask the person you have to meet to call you one hour before.

It's easier to use an online service which sends a mail one hour before an appointment and use the sound effect to make you aware of the arrival of the mail.

When you're a very dedicated music listener or computer fanatic you can use another system to stop you doing your things: the clock for the electric switch.
You know the system that switches the light on in the evening and out in the morning.
A great device to let people think you're at home, but also a great means to switch of the electricity of your music or computer. LOL!


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