Monday, November 16, 2009

sorting laundry

Sorting laundry needs two steps which are equally important, because:
  • you don't want to change the colour
  • you don't want to change the size
  • you don't want to ruin your laundry otherwise
1. Sorting on colour
  • red
    Always keep red away from everything.
    One red sock can change a whole white load of laundry in such a pink colour that even your younger sisters won't wear the t-shirts, ever!
  • white
  • White cotton can change in any colour, so white is white.
    Be careful with some stains like ink, berries, grease and oil.
    You'd better wash those items seperate.
  • dark
    When you want to keep your black trousers black, wash them with black laundry only.
    Black combines well with grey, but when it leaves dust or little pieces, you'll have it all over your black items.
    • Nice black items together, without anything else.
    • Black socks can be combined with dark blue, brown and grey, unless they're very fluffy and your grey might become spotted with black.
  • yellow and light green
    First give wasking the green a try. When it doesn't spill too much colour it can go with the yellow.
  • etc.
2. sorting on label

Read the labels!
  • Items that need to go to the drycleaner need your mom or the drycleaner.
  • Items that carry the handwash label shouldn't be thrown in the machine.
  • Items that can be washed in the machine need an extra look:
3. Sorting on material/fabric
  • Light fabrics, like silk, nylon, light blouses, need the shortest and lightest program with low temperature.
  • trousers, socks, underpants, blouses, handkerchiefs, towels, etc are OK at 40 degrees.
  • t-towels, washcloths and cleaningcloths can do with 40 when they're not smelly and not dirty, with 60 when they're dirty and with 90 when they're smelly and too dirty.
  • wool needs your mom. Silk needs special detergent your mom has.
4. sorting on dirt

Check for loose buttons and items in the pockets.

When your items are very dirty you have to brush off all the sand and little specs.
Sometimes it's best to soak them a night in water with a bit of detergent. And then use clean water two or three times before throwing the item in the machine.

T-shirts which are dirty in at the neck can do with wetting the neck and brushing detergent on it before throwing them in the machine.

When you have a lot of real dirty laundry you can use the extra program (voorwas).
When your machine doesn't have an extra program, just put it on 40 degrees and let it work about 20 minutes, then use the rinse and centrifuge program. After that start the normal program.


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