Saturday, November 28, 2009

buying fresh products at the right time

Of course you have to buy fresh products fresh, but as shops are by law kept to certain cooler and freezer temperatures and a last selling date on which products are still fresh, you're almost always sure you won't buy crap. (Unless you don't look inside plastic bags or wait too long to go home.)

You can save money on vegetables, meat, fish, eggs and diary products and sometimes even on shampoos and creams, by looking into the special places were offers are made, by walking past the person who is re-prizing the items at the end of the day.

Many shops start selling their fresh products cheaper before closing time.
Especially on saturdays and the last shopping hours before special days, like Christmas, you can buy products at a prize that makes you smile.

And even better: you can buy things at low prizes you usually can't afford at all.


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