Friday, January 14, 2011


Today I got a call from a friend who was clearly in panick.
Her son had hurt his leg and it was bleeding profusely.

I asked her some questions and it didn't sound as an arterial bleed.
So I told her to get a bandage or an ironed t-towel and pul the wound closed from behind the leg to the front, carefully observing not to tie the knot on the wound.
Then I had her made an ice compress by putting ice in a clean and ironed washcloth and put it on the material that covered the wound.
She could holt it in place with another clean and ironed t-towel.

She was lucky to be one of the few who love to iron things, so she had it all available.
But you can prepare yourself by taking a plastic box, clean it with dettol or something else anti-bacterial, and put ironed stuff in there and close the lid well.
Refresh every month.

After covering the wound that way she went with her son to hospital where they found that the bleeding had stopped.

She got a compliment for treating the wound so well and after some stitches they were allowed to go home.


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