Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yoghurt with

Children sometimes refuse to eat.
I've discovered many ways to fool my children so they would get enough nourishment to stay healthy.

I never told them yoghurt is healthy, or is a desert.
Yoghurt is a treat.

And I make it even better when there's a reason to do so, and I don't like sugar to play much of a role in it.

I use a smoothy to improve the taste of yoghurt when I have no fruit available.

Pour the fruit in the yohurt and mix it in a blender until it's foam.

Kids, and grown ups, love it!


Mama Mia said...

As a mommy, I think this is a great and very useful tip! Seriously, thanks for sharing this :)

mona said...

my daughter started to eat yogurt when she was 1 year old i'm glad until now that she's 3 already she still enjoying it.

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