Monday, January 17, 2011

Knee pain

There are so many creams that promis magical healing that you'd better take a native medicine remedy.

Boil some garlic pods in mustard oil.
Soak a cloth in it and press excess moist out of it and apply the cloth to the knee.

It's worth a try and some people love the smell of the boiling garlic and mustard too.

Good health!


Mona of Working at Home said...

First to know this alternative medicine .. i will try sometimes :)

By the way i'm promoting my new blog you can check it HEREthanks a lot :)

DadEngrMommmyLES said...

thanks for sharing this tip, my hubby often experience knee pain. Might try to do this soon :P followed your blog too!

Anne said...

I will definitely try this (some time when I am not going out after). I have a bad knee and am always looking for ways to help it.

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