Saturday, October 9, 2010

Autumn in the garden - 4

It's too late to plant trees this year, but you can still put them in containers.

Plant bulbs for early flowers next year.

Remove leaves from the grass, but leave them alone elsewhere unless it are leaves from the willow.

When you want to mow the grass, do it for the last time of the year and at a height of 4 to 5 cm's. Remove all mowed grass. If you don't it will rot and cause the underlayer to go brown.

When you want to cut trees and shrubs read good information first, because some needs to be left alone uintill spring.


Layla White, PoweredServices said...

I think it's never too late for planting trees. Just put them in a planter box or a pot and transfer them next spring. I'm sure they wouldn't grow that tall in the period.

The Frugal Housewife said...

We've been wanting to plant some trees around our yard. We aren't sure when a good time to plant them would be. Someone told us to wait until the fall but then I've heard early spring as well. But from your post we've waited too late. When is the ideal time to plant trees and also to trim them?

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