Sunday, October 10, 2010

planting and trimming trees

Planting and trimming trees depends on a lot of aspects.

It's best to go to your gardencentre and have an expert advice you.
He'll know the tree in question, and he'll know the conditions in your garden.

There's a fast difference here between parts of town here.
One part has great soil. Sand, with lots of woodland compost in it. The layer of soil in the gardens is very deep, because it's the natural soil there. It used to be a forest.
The cold won't get in the ground as fast as in our part of town, so there they can plants trees later in the year too.

Here we have heavy clay. We're living on a former swamp, and it means that rains transform whole areas in a mess. In summer the toplayer dries out and changes into a firm layer that kills plants easily. Rain stays on top of it for a long time.
In the winter the humidity causes the cold to get into the soil early and deep.

Some trees can't be planted in oktober any more, because they won't invest in good rooting anymore. Maybe they'll survive in containers, but the chance is they won't have a wide rootsystem in the future and can be blown flat easily.
They'd better get a good chance and be planted in spring.

Other trees will do fine when they're planted in a large hole with good soil.
They'll be able to grow roots for quite a while until it's really winter.

As climats change and local conditions are all different, I'll stick to the advice not to plant now anymore, unless you really have to.
It takes a lot of a plant to survive winter, so why not give it the best start you can give?


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