Monday, October 18, 2010

Broccoli pie


500 gram potatoes
375 gram broccoli
125 gram carrots
100 gram sellery
50 gram bacon
250 spices minced meat
1 union (circa 125 gram)
1 garlic
1 tin tomatomash (60 gram)
2 teaspoons fresh thyme
2 teaspoons parsley

75 gram grated old cheese
nutmeg, pepper, salt.

circa 25 - 50 gram butter


Time in oven: 40 - 45 minutes after preheating..

Peel potatoes and cut them in 4 parts. wash them.
Put them in water. About half under.

Don't use salt!!! Cook them. When ready pour the water away and leave them to rest.

While cooking the potatoes, cut the large stem from the broccoli and wash what's left.

Cut the flowery part from the broccoli, and save the small stems for later.

Kook the broccoli in a bit of water with salt in about 5 to 10 minutes. Pour in a sif so the water can be drained.

Slice the small stems in small pieces of a half to one cm.

Clean carrots, peel them and cut in small parts.

Cut selery in small parts.

Put the broccoli stems, carrots and selery in water and a bit of salt and cook for 3 minutes.
Leave them in the water and save for later.

Peel an union and slice in small parts.
Peel garlic and cut it in very small pieces.

Bake bacon, take it out of the pan and put minced meat in the fat and bake that. It doesn't need to be brown, just baked a little bit.

Get rid of too much fat and water.

Add the union and bake a bit more, add garlic and leave it baking for 1 minute.

Take tomatomash and add it.
Add some thime, parsley and a bit of dalt and pepper.

Then put the vegetable to the meatmix and add all in a fatted ovenbowl.

Make mash from the potatoes and add the broccoliflowers.

Maak nu de aardappelpuree:
Add cheese, some pepper and salt and nutmeg.

Add the mash to the vegetable mix in the ovenbowl.

Put little pieces of butter on top. (about 15 grams)

Preheat the over at 200 degrees celcius.

Put the pie in it in the middle and bake until brown. That's about 30 to 40 minutes and about 5 to 10 minutes longer when the pie was kept in the fridge.


mona said...

first time i hear about broccoli pie, maybe i'll try this one the problem is broccoli is to expensive in our place.

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