Sunday, January 17, 2010

handkerchiefs, paper or cotton?

The discussion about the choice between cotton or paper handkerchiefs should be about cost, hygiene and environmental issues.

Some people say that paper is more hygienic because you throw the handkerchief away when you've blown your nose.
But what about the pile of used papers in your bin?

You can use a cotton handkerchief hygienic too, but blowing your noce in a corner, folding it inside and turn it inside. Blow in the clean part...etc.
You can put the used handkerchief in your laundrymachine or in water with desinfactant in a bucket with a lid.

Making handkerchiefs requires energy and transport.
Transporting cotton is less expensive than transporting trees.
After plucking the cotton there'll be a harvest again next year, trees take a long time to grow.
You can make environmetal friendly handkerchiefs yourself by buying unbleached fabric and sowing them yourself.
Paper handkerchiefs always need bleaching and other chemical procedures.
That cotton ones are washed and need detergent is less polluting than making and throwing away the paper ones.

And the cost?
Cotton ones are cheaper in the long run.


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