Monday, January 25, 2010

your own fresh fruit and vegetables

Buying fruit and vegetables is always more expensive than growing them yourself.

"But I don't have place to grow something", I often hear.

Well, herbs and tomatoes are OK with a place on the windowsil.
When the sun burns too much you can place a screen with fabric in front of them, or even a newspaper will do.

When you have no room outside at all you can consider renting a council garden (volkstuintje).
When you rent a plot the people around you can give you advice and they;ll enjoy doing so.
There are plenty of books to use and some plots even have beginner's groups.
Now is the time to apply.

There are waitinglists at many places, but when you're allowed to hang a not in the canteen, offering your help in return for some fruit and vegs for a poor student, there's a good chance you'll be called for help.

You can also try to ask people in your neighbourhood who are of age.
In return for keeping their frontgarden a joy and for some fruit and vegs they might allow you to grow what you want in the back garden.

Remember that you can also grow many vitamins in pots and compostbags.


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