Tuesday, January 26, 2010

leaking shoes during freezing weather

Leaking shoes are unpleasant when it rains, but they can be real killers when it's freezing and you have to walk a long stretch.

Ofcourse you can try waterrepellant spray and all sorts of other solutions on the outside, including putting chewing gum in a hole and taping it off.

At the inside you can use some materials restaurants will be able to supply when you can't buy them at the place where you are.

You need aluminium foil, scissors and a newpaper.

Cut the form of your foot in a few layers of newspaper and use the form to cut a couple of layers of foil.
Start to male a sole with a few layers of aluminium foil, then paper, then...etc.

Cut a large piece, put the sole in and wrap it all around your foot.
Cut some extra pieces for at the top of the foot, to cover the draft coming through the lip of the shoe.

When you think it all will tear when you go into your shoe, you can use another layer.

Go carefully in your shoe and enjoy the fact that you're protected for quite a while.

When the shoe closes too well it might prevent a good blood supply, so watch out.


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