Monday, January 4, 2010

Wise buy

When the roads are slippery and you're not living near the shops you need to make a plan to buy groceries that can be kept for a longer time.

We all need milk, for instance.

You can buy the kind that needs to be put in the fridge straightaway, but do you know that nowadays milk that can be kept longer, and outside the fridge, has a far better taste than it used to have?
You can even buy a kind in which nutrients are added.

That means you'll buy much more than just a liter of liquid.
And it leaves a lot fo room to store other things in your fridge.


Ruth said...

I've heard it's also possible to freeze liquid milk, you just have to make sure the bottle isn't completely full and leave the cap on a bit loose when you first put it in, so that there's room for the liquid to expand as it freezes without overflowing or exploding the bottle.

You can freeze garlic too, just mince it and put it in ice trays. Just a teaspoon or 2 in each segment of the tray, then fill with water and put in the freezer as usual.

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