Thursday, January 28, 2010

stinking wastebin? No more!

Does your wastebin stink like someone soaked old bedwear in the swamp and saved it for over 10 years?

You need help!

First clean the bin and desinfect it.
Or simply buy a new one.

Then ask a catowner for a few handfulls of pellets for the litterbox of his/her cat. Or buy a bag yourself.

Put two or three handfulls in a panty or an old sock and put it at the bottom of the bin, before you place the bag in it.

You can also use it in the fridge and at other places that create smells, but I think it's better when you try to find out where the smell comes from.

You can keep your wastebin from smelling by throwing the organic material on a compostheap or in a compostbin.


RE - Recycled Frockery said...

you can eliminate smells in your wastebasket and prevent flies by washing it with White Vinegar. splash some in the bottom and allow to dry before replacing a liner. that will insure it stays fresh until next empty.

kikamz said...

great tip! i will try this one.. my kitchen wastebin does get smelly after some time even if i always disinfect it. another powerful deodorizer that helps remove odors is baking soda.

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