Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmastree for free

No, I don't want you to engage in illegal activities.
But have you ever realized that you can get a christmastree for free when you keep your eyes open?

Some offices close not only during the christmasdays, but they stay closed until after new year. (So do schools.)

After the new year, they throw out the christmastree as old junk.

Well, contact those offices and offer to remove the christmastree just before closingtime, before christmas.

Take it home and enjoy!!

They've probably spend quite a lot of money to get a wonderful tree, so you surely will enjoy it until january 6, the day that the christmastime officially ends with the arrival of the three kings.

Good luck!!


Ann said...

well there is something that I bet not too many people ever thought of. That's a good idea and you can probably get some good ones that way

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