Monday, December 14, 2009

Decorating a small room for christmas

Today I got a question from a student who has only limited living space.
In one room he has to study, eat and sleep and there's no room for a christmastree.
As far as he's concerned he can't so anything else than hang some cards on the wall.

Well, you can do far more.

Buy a red bedcover and buy a few pillowcovers with a christmasdecoration.
That'll make the corner with your bed quite christmassy.

When you're able to buy a sheet and pillowcover in the same color red, just do.

Fold the sheet to the size of your table and use it there.

Put an old pillow in the cover and throw it on your chair.

Cut some snowdecorations out of white paper for on your window, maybe you can hang some fake ice on top of the window.

Well, I think you're getting the idea!


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