Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Goodies from the library

Many libraries take books, cd's and other items out of their collection at the end of the year.

Here, the library sells them for 1 or 2 euros, regardless of their condition.

That means I sometimes can buy the best and most expensive books for almost nothing.

They're wrapped in plastic and have a stamp of the library on it, and sometimes a magnetic strip, but when you're someone who loves to read that doesn't matter.

Because they're not suitable for birthday gifts those books are a present for myself.

Last year I've found someone with the same addiction, and we decided to exchange our bought library books.
Already we're in a circle of 7, and we enjoy each other's choices.

Beware of CD's and tapes and such.
They can be damaged and you can't see that from the outside.

But books: books are great!


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