Sunday, December 20, 2009


Now the temperatures are below zero and the festive days are approaching it's good to educate yourself about hypothermia.

Being exposed too long to low temperatures can cause hypothermia.
There's no fixed time or temperature to be given, so be aware of the fact that some people are told they're drunk and because of that help is delayed.

Hypothermia can result in unconsciousness and death, so it's good to know the symptoms.

  • shivering
  • irritability
  • extreme uncontrollable shivering
  • complaining about the cold, itchy fingers
  • slurred speech
  • impaired vision
  • clumsy movements/uncoordinated movements or strange repetitive movements.
  • stiffness of the muscles
More severe is it when stiffness of the muscles is accompanied by:
  • swollen skin, becoming dark
  • irregular heartbeating and dizzy spells
  • irregular breathing
Unconsciousness will follow when no help is given.

Helping the person involves:

  • move the person out of the wind
  • to a dry place
  • remove all wet clothing
  • moderate warmth
Warn the emergency service.

Never rub the skin, use hot water or put the person in front of a fire.

When there's no warm environment available, lie against the person and wrap a blanket around you both.


Angel said...

Of course hypothermia is very dangerous and people should be cautious of the changing temperature.. Thanks for your info!

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