Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saving during christmastime

Christmastime used to be here in The Netherlands a very quiet, spiritual and somewhat mysterious event.

When walking on the dark streets it was a joy to look into the houses and see the light and warmth pouring out.
Going to church on christmas evening was literally going from the dark into the light.

Some people now like the more exuberant way the americans celebrate christmas and christmastime.
Not only do they forget that we have the tradition of Sinterklaas who brings the presents here, but they also forget the way christmas is celebrated according to the traditions.

So even before Sinterklaas they have decorated their homes. Not only on the inside, but also with lots of lights on the outside.

We're living in one of the most crowded countries in the world and pollution is a huge problem, as is the waste of energy.

Why do people leave their christmaslights on during the night, when no one enjoys them? Even worse: some children can't sleep as good as when they're out.

When you want to save some money during christmastime, use less lights, and only switch them on when you can enjoy them.


Ruth said...

Absolutely right! The American way is not always the best way--if everyone did things the same way the world would be a boring place, wouldn't it?

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