Tuesday, December 29, 2009

close your mailbox

Kids with fireworks isn't the best combination.
Many of them are not able to oversee all the consequences of their acts, and even if they're capable of doing so, most of them are so caught up in the acts of mischief that they're not thinking straight.

Putting ignited fireworks in mailboxes made the neational mailcompanies take away or close their mailboxes and at home you should take the same action after the mailman has visited for the last time.

Take tape and if possible, tape the opening from the inner site.
When you're handy, cut a piece at exactly the size of the opening of the mailbox and glue it with the glueside to the glueside of a larger strip of tape.

Then glue the large strip against the opening.
That way the opening is closed without something what's put in it sticking against it.

Putting a strip of tape at the outside is something to think about.
It might even attract the bullies.
So if it's possible, block the inside and be sure to take all paperwork away.


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